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Place: Narshe Caves (FFVI)
Rating: R (Now that I have things to kill...Or as I'm killed by.)
Characters: Lani
Reply: Ultros, Celes, Shadow, etc.

Note: Again, let me know if I need to change this.

It was like stepping into a door through a room. The area was obviously indoors, likely some sort of cavern as the walls were rough and uneven sedimentary rock. The peculiar thing about it all were the straw mats and piles strewn about the room into what looked like many small and primitive beds. It didn't seem as if the people, or rather things, that lived here were in the area currently, that is, until a ridiculously high pitched war cry exclaiming something about fresh meat rang out above her.

"Holy shit!" Lani jumped, startled, and dodged to the side of the white projectile, turning around to see it smack into the wall with a painful crunching sound before it fell into the straw mats and disappeared. It seemed to still be moving, but just to make sure, she walked closer toward the pile that it had fallen, unsure of if she really needed to wake her axe up or not for the situation. The moment she leaned over the quiet heap and decided that it was down for good though, a burst of dry grasses erupted before her, baring what seemed to be millions of tiny sharp razor teeth.

She dodged to the side again of its straight course to her face, and easily snatched the thing by its little wings. An eyebrow raised as she realized it was just a mangy moogle. An oddly violent one at that, but still a moogle.

"Oh. Well you'd better be careful next time you give me that attitude because I really don't care for cute--THE HELL! The little bastard bit me!" Lani exclaimed, dropping the animal to nurse her wrist where the thing had taken a chunk of her skin. She didn't know how to react when the thing seemed to chew and swallow the piece of her. Without another thought, the axe cleaved the moogle in two, causing a rancid smell of decay to emanate from its open center. "Well that takes care of..."

With a reluctant look up, the bounty hunter realized that all around the ledges of the cave, more little red balls were wavering in anticipation. She instinctively stepped back when a moogle had somehow gotten to her feet and helped the one she had butchered revive again. And then they started laughing in distorted, twisted giggles.

"What the fuck, and I thought this was going to be easy!" Lani yelled as she dashed into and throughout the labyrinth with no idea as to where she was going. Being lost was fine, but being chased by a rabid pack of zombie moogles was definitely unnerving.
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Ultros was in the cave he dubbed as "his" filling the recently-acquired paper with different defense ideas. Suddenly, he was interrupted by a commotion outside. "I thought I told those mindless drones to keep it down . . . !" he mumbled to himself, crawling out to see what was going on.

Outside, Ultros was greeted by a woman being chased by the moogles. "Hey!" he shouted. "Where did she come from?" A chorus of "The portal! The portal!" rang down the halls. Ultros lashed out his tentacles to restrain as many of the moogles as he could as they passed by. "I told you not to attack anyone who came through those! They're most likely an ally!"

Once the moogle horde was calmed and began their usual randomly wandering around bumping into things when no task was assigned, Ultros turned to address the arrival. "So, did that rat statue send you here?"
Lani looked incredulously down at the moogles which had gone back into mindless drone state. And yet stranger than some deranged moogles was the one that had called them off of her. It wasn’t everyday that she was saved, not that she needed it, by an…octopus? And a talking one at that.

"Hn?" Lani instinctively replied before snapping out of her bewilderment and actually answering his question. This place couldn't be anything but another world, she decided. "I don't know which rat if was, but one of them pointed me in this direction after I got something to do from Sephy-- I mean, Sephiroth."

"Anyway, since you know them too, I'm assuming your one of the natives that can help me." Lani began, bringing out her map. "But first...Am I going to be running into anymore strange things in this place? Give me a heads up or the next time I see one of your kind I may mistake it for a free meal of sushi or something."
"Oh, great . . ." Ultros mumbled to himself, looking at the ground in a pouting sort of way. "There's more of them around . . ." He looked up and belted out his trademark laugh. "Oh well."

At the mention of the "free meal of sushi," Ultros slumped down into a silent rage. Then he wildly lashed his tentacles around while shouting, "What do you mean a 'free meal?!' You humans are sick! Next time I hear that, we'll see how you like being small and green!" Kupek, hearing the first sounds of a threat, chorused back with, "Yes! We'll make your head go explodey! Kaboom!" Ultros turned around and snapped at him, "Did I tell you to talk?!" Kupek dashed away straight into the wall and rolled back.

Ultros regained his composure and laughed another hearty, "Mwa ha ha!" He glanced up at Lani. "You probably will run into a lot of strange things. Like the Zone Eater on Triangle Island which no one has killed yet. Surprised Ziegfried didn't try that to garner more attention . . . Anyways, Kefka's defeat didn't lower the rampant monster population much, so there's that. And some of the Empire's Magitek armor that still works being used by thieves to pillage towns. Zozo's always been Zozo. And there's 'Pretty Boy King' and his fancy Figaro castle that can travel underground. Setzer occasionally takes the airship out for a ride, too. There's probably more that appeared while I was working at my secretary job, too."

Ultros reached up to get the map from Lani's hands. "I suppose I could provide some help, since I'm apparently nothing more than a messenger . . . So what did . . . um; was it Sephiroth? Tell you to do?"
Lani couldn't help but to wince at the strangely irritating laugh the first time, though she quickly got used to it with a bit of habituation. She held up her hands defensively as he clearly did not like her food remark and gave a slight apology to appease him, "All right, all right, my mistake. I'll never order tako again." Of course, she couldn't help but to be a little disappointed as there would be no free meals in this world either.

She listened closely, though she didn't recognize any of the people. The places that they were associated with that were marked on her map she could at least keep note of. The Empire's Magitek armor caught her attention, though if it was being used by simple thieves for ordinary pillaging, it couldn't be that extraordinary.

"Well thanks Mr. Tentacles!" Lani beamed as he offered the free assistance. She gave him a hearty pat on the back, or rather head, as she came up by him to look at the map he held as well. It definitely beat trying to get information out of droning townsfolk. They were likely more intimidated by her and her axe than anything else.

"Sephy wanted me to go to this main town here, I think it's Vector?" Lani pointed. "It went down with some guy's fall in power and there's supposedly some different weaponry there that I can dig up for them to use. Any idea of how I can get there?"
"'Mister Tentacles?'" Ultros pondered. "Well, I suppose it's better than some of the other names I've been called . . ."

"Vector? Yeah, that city fell . . . about three years ago! Kefka created his tower there to work on his 'Monument to Nothingness.' This map won't help you now ever since Kefka rearranged the landscape with his Light of Judgement. Here; I'll make you an up-to-date one." He crawled over to "his" cave and got a sheet. Laying it on the ground, he started to spit ink on it and draw key features and areas with a tentacle.

After finishing the crude map, he held it up to point out various places. "Alright; the place where Kefka's Tower was is here," indicated with a point to a "T" on the lowest main continent. "Right between Tzen and Albrook. You probably won't find many weapons or even any pieces of the statues he used to create his Light of Judgement there anymore. If you want information about weapons, the best place to find some is at Zozo," he points to a "Z" between what are supposed to be mountains on the continent northwest of the one with Kefka's Tower. "That place has been and always will be a den of thieves and liars, but it's the best place to start searching for weapons."
She watched Ultros drawing out the new map, impressed. The terrain was almost completely different, save for a few of the main cities. That must have been some Light of Judgment...Lani found herself a bit glad that the guy who caused it was gone. Or was he? Eh. She would worry about that and whatever else she ran into while here when she ran into it. For now, she was particularly grateful for the update, seeing as how Sephiroth obviously didn't know about all these world changes. Maybe showing him the new version of the map could get her some extra spending money...Unless he had meant to mislead her; then she'd have to whap him upside the head with the flat of her axe. He probably wouldn't approve of that though. And in the short time that she had spent with him, she could tell he wasn't a force to be reckoned with.

"Great, Zozo it is then!" She replied without a second thought. Thieves and liars were a bit boring, but she supposed that it'd be a good place to start. "Just one more thing then, and I promise I'll never eat sushi again. Where's the nearest port? Is there a Chocobo Forest or something nearby here, too?"
"Nearest port? Ha!" Ultros chuckled. "The closest operational one's in Nikeah; about 50 miles southeast of here across the ocean. Boats rarely ever come to this continent. Narshe's population steadily declined two years ago and these guys," he motioned a tentacle over to the wandering moogles, one of whom had started stumbling into Ultros's cave. "Hey!" he shouted, whipping the moogle away from the entrance. "I told you guys not to go in there! Get back to guarding the portals until I'm finished!" The moogles snapped to attention, started chanting, "Guard the portals! Guard the portals!" and scurried away, with the one Ultros whipped trailing behind them.

Turning back to Lani, he resumed his narration. "They killed off those who remained in the town recently. The only other person on this continent is Duncan who lives near the northeast mountains." He pointed out the area on the map. "You could try searching the docks near the shore for any boats or see if Duncan has one you can steal. If not, then you need to swim over to the continent east of here down to the abandoned Doma Castle and west to Nikeah." He traced the path out with a tentacle. "Luckily for you, Nikeah's still the main port town; you can get a boat to almost anywhere else from there. As for your second question; that's an obvious 'no' by now. You won't find much in the northern parts of this world, aside from Kohlingen and the Colosseum to the west."
Lani's hopes seemed to sink as the travel plan wasn't quite up to par with the cakewalk she initially assumed the trip to be. Then again, the agency seemed to consist of rats, undead moogles, and an octopus, so she shouldn't have expected a fully catered service in the first place. Though she had to admit, at least this guy was helpful. And those toy moogles were quite amusing, albeit a bit disturbing. Which reminded her, the small wound she had received was still stinging a bit, though she had managed to close it up with a minor healing spell.

With a long, ragged, sigh, Lani placed a hand to her head, the other at her hip, as she tried to absorb all the information at once. She spared a brief thought to the mention of the town's slaughter via moogles outside, but had no reason to care otherwise.

"So it's either a 50 mile swim and long walk, or steal a boat." Lani summed up, her path of choice already obvious. "The only thing is that I haven't had much practice navigating before. Though I guess there's always a time to learn...Maybe I should go back and get some stuff together then if I'm going to be here for a while." Thinking about that notion though, there really wasn't that much there for her either.
"Go ahead if you want to," Ultros said. "They probably won't bother you the next time you come through here. The quickest way out of here is down the path you were running before. It will take you over to the former armor shop."

Inside, Ultros was a cauldron of jealousy and envy. How come she gets to run around and do whatever she wants and I'm stuck here with a bunch of brain dead moogles trying to find ways to defend this place or lose my tentacles?! he thought. Stupid statue! Some day, I will show him why you shouldn't mess with royalty! Mwa ha ha! How does it feel having your arms and legs chiseled away? Yes! Mwa ha ha! Mwa ha ha ha ha! Ha! In the dream state he drifted off to, a smirk of evil enjoyment crossed his face.
Former armor shop? Here? It was plausible enough, she supposed, though she wasn't expecting there to be too much for her here. Considering this being the only portal location she knew of thus far as well, it would be easy enough to come back and raid it at any time. Or just leave it up to the 'higher ups' to do as they pleased with it. With a wave and simple thanks of gratitude, Lani began to make her way back up the pathway when she stopped and glanced back. Sure, the guy was an octopus, but he seemed lively and intelligent enough. From the way his expressions went, he couldn't have been having too much fun just sitting in this cave acting like a travel agent anyway. It was the least she could do since she couldn't, or wouldn't, possibly pay him for his services.

"Well, you know," Lani spoke up after tapping him on the head from behind to interrupt him from his thoughts. "If you ever want to get out of this boring place and take a break or something, you're welcome to come with me. The boss guy wasn't even back at Cleyra yet when I left, and these moogles can probably take care of things well enough while your gone. Just a thought."
Ultros smiled wide at the information he received. "Oh, really?" he inquired, not waiting for an answer before continuing on. "Mwa ha ha! Yes; that stupid statue will never know the difference! The farther away, the better! Mwa ha ha ha ha! The moogles can cover for me if it does show up. Give me a minute."

Ultros dashed off into "his" cave, ran back out and down the path to the portals carrying a bunch of papers. He came scurrying back, accompanied by a dancing moogle. "Alright; Kumama and Kupan are working on defense plans, I sent Kupek off to find some explosives to seal up some of the various exits since there's far too many to protect, and the rest are guarding the portals and will hopefully remember to send Kefka to Gaia if the resurrection process actually worked and he shows up here . . . Yes; everything's taken care of."

The moogle pranced between them. "Oh," Ultros said. "And this is Kurin. He asked if he could come along to try and learn some of the dance moves his friend learned from traveling with the guys that killed Kefka." "Hi, Misses Lady," Kurin said, still dancing about. "Sorry about earlier. This is going to be fun!" Ultros pushed him off to the side. "Uh; you don't mind, right? Oh, and I'm Ultros, the royal octopus! Mwa ha ha!"
Lani fixed a fist on each hip as she waited and listened to all the elaborate detail of the preparations the octopus was making after taking her offer. Seeing that the moogle intended to join them, she couldn't help but to smile. Granted, it was a bit of skewed smile, pondering whether she should pat it on the head or punt the ball of fluff. She didn't have anything against the zombie toy coming with them to learn something as long as it didn't try to eat her though.

"I'm not sure if he'll learn very many dances over at The only ones that I can think of is some sort of summoning dance those Cleyrans do and the fancy excess balls the nobles hold at Treno," Lani replied, "But if I'm going to have a royal octopus coming back with me, might as well bring a moogle too."

"And I'm Lani, the best and most beautiful bounty hunter in the world," she added for completion, topping it off with a laugh of her own, more out of amusement than flair. "Well that settles it then. Let's get out of this boring place! I just hope the rest of your world isn't so drab." Though it already sounded like it. She started up the rest of the pathway and stepped through the portal she had come out of back to Cleyra. If they did run into the boss or anything else, Lani could always make up an excuse and cover for them.
"Cleyrans?" Ultros pondered to himself. "Well, whatever; let's go!" Ultros followed behind Lani, occasionally dragging the moggle along when his dancing slowed his pace. Mwa ha ha! Ultros thought to himself. That's right, statue! You can't boss me around! Just look at me; going off to do my bidding instead of yours like it should be! Mwa ha ha! I'd like to see you do something to stop me, you sick weirdo! Mwa ha ha ha ha!

At the portals, he pushed Kurin through then turned to the rest. "Now, remember; if Kefka shows up here, send him to Gaia; the place that looks like a large tree. Don't forget this instruction like the other ones!" The moogles chimed, "Gaia! Gaia!" to Ultros as he crawled through the portal.
[Alrighty then. Since everyone's off to Cleyra now, could you write another scene where you arrive there (since you were the first one through)? I'm gonna be writing another scene where what's left of the UMH react to Cloud and Tifa's arrival. Maybe, if you wanted to (for a surprise), the group could stumble in on Kigaeno trying to kill Beatrix and distract him enough so she can escape.]