The Undead Cleyran Horde (nezumi_horde) wrote in humanity_scenes,
The Undead Cleyran Horde

Place: Burmecia gates
Characters: Dan, Nina, Satrea and the group returning to Burmecia from the rift.
Rating: if a fight breaks out high, otherwise... not quite so high
Respond: anyone there

Dan shook his head as he stood at the gates of Burmecia where Kigaeno had warped him before leaving to see Sephiroth. This was absurd. Mission after mission, would it ever end? He had no choice, his family's very existence was at stake. He drew his spear and planted it firmly against the ground as he watched them approach.

"There are more than he said there would be." Nina observed, "Not so easy to deal when we're outnumbered."

"We're in Burmecia, we're already outnumbered." Dan knew it was pointless, "Satrea?"

"I got it. If you get in trouble I'll use the gate device to pull you back to Cleyra. Just don't forget nothing prevents them from following you." Satrea stepped away, hiding herself just beyond the gate in case she was needed.

Nina adjusted her dress and cloak as if she were readying for a business meeting, and Dan gritted his teeth watching the group led by Puck arriving. Time to present Kigaeno's message.
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