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You've got to make choices, be wrong or right, sometimes you've got to sacrifice the things you like

Place: Cosmo Canyon
Rating: More G than even Disney can manage
Chars: Nanaki, an NPC
Reply: Probably not

Nanaki almost never had nightmares, and if he did, some spiced tea usually helped to calm his nerves. But recent images that plagued his sleeping hours weren't easily banished in his waking hours.

It had been going on for two weeks. Nanaki was back in the crater, facing a man who couldn't possibly have been the famous Sephiroth of SOLDIER, but he was. Whatever had twisted him and made him evil had changed him physically as well. As the Planet cried out its pain, Nanaki and his friends fought the abomination, and won.

But Sephiroth wasn't alone. Nanaki saw a face, much too long to be any human's, and another, human face. His heart jumped as he realized the second stranger, and awoke with her name in his muzzle.

"Aeris... why must you plague my dreams? Has Cloud dreamed the same dream? Does he still pine for you?" Like everyone else, Nanaki missed Aeris terribly. They had only been together a short time, but she had left her mark on each and every one of them.

"It has been two weeks," he muttered to himself as he removed a panel in the floor of his den. "I can't deny it anymore, it must be a message. From the Planet? From the Lifestream? From... Aeris? I don't know." At this, he poked a claw in a box he kept hidden, and it popped open. Inside was the Limited Moon, an armlet, and a pile of Materia. He was a little surprised the Materia was still there. It had been... how long? "I guess Yuffie hasn't found these yet."

"Who are you talking to?"

Nanaki turned his head. "No one, really. "Just... thinking out loud."

Nanaki didn't recognize the person standing in the doorway, she had arrived at the Canyon a couple days before, and he hadn't bothered to catch her name. And now he was leaving. "Tell everyone I'll be back..."


"Heather. I am going away for a while, but as long as the Cosmo Candle burns, the canyon will be safe."

"I'll tell everyone," she said, and left the doorway.

Nanaki was alone with his thoughts again. "I guess this is it. Seto, watch over the Canyon while I'm gone. I promise I'll return soon."

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