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Place: Forest To Temple Of Ancients
Characters: Cloud, Tifa.
Reply: Aeris, anyone else that wanders out to find them before they make it inside. Just give us the okay if we can go in. ^^
Rating: Low

A brief shimmer of ebony cascaded over her right shoulder as Tifa looked back to the entrance light growing ever more distant, dimmer, while the forest deepened and the erected stone structure before them ever larger over the fringe of the canopies. She faced forward again, her hands clenched lightly into fists, the leather gloves straining just slightly, the grip reassuring in her grasp. Pale pink petals were set in a drawn line across her countenance, reflecting her apprehension, hope, and dread, for everything that may have lay ahead of them. And she knew that her own feelings could not even brush what may have been running through her traveling companion's mind as they drew nearer. For a moment a fleeting thought was passed to ponder if the moment would be less hushed, if Barret had come, but the man had stayed with Marlene in the end. It would be better that way.

Dark garnet eyes shifted discreetly from the structure before them to the man at her side. What could she possibly say? She had watched for him like this since he had gone, come back, and lingered. Sometimes she knew what to say, and other times she knew when it was best for thoughts to predominate words. But in this moment, she wasn't sure. They were meeting someone from the past again. Someone, who, had an extraordinary talent for ease and affection in her presence. But now was not the time to admit to any such trivial envy.

"It's just like you said at that time," Tifa began tentatively. How ironic, as she was just thinking about those events, those words, only hours ago.

"Whatever it is, I'm with you. And I know you don't need it, but good luck."
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