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Place: Forest outside the Temple of the Ancients
Characters: Kuja and Shannon, rp-ed over AIM
Rating: its so sad oh noes! (low)

Kuja marveled at the forest around him, so still and haunting. However, it didn;t have the ghostly feeling of the town; it was beautiful. The light streamed in thin rays though the trees. He set off into the trees, abandoning the path for the rockier terrain of the woods. Beckoning Shannon to follow, he said, "Where is this place? I've never seen a forest like this."

"Its the foooorest of the aaancients" she used her spooky voice again. "I don't really know much about it besides that Master told us it was here. He said this world has a stupid name, they call it 'Planet'. We can explore it maybe sometime?" she almost skipped as she walked along side him, looking entirely too happy about everything.

Explore, yes. 'We,' no, he thought. "Do you know if there are any towns outside this forest?" He kept his eyes firmly on the forest, trying to avoid her gaze.

"Uh... I think. But we're on an island aright now. Maybe the land to the north..." she didn't understand why he was asking all these questioned, and took hold of his arm in her's, "We don't have to talk about this stuff now, we can be romantic!" without even looking at her, he could almost see the hearts in her eyes.

"An island," Kuja repeated. "Is there any way to get to the mainland?" He walked faster, leading them further from the portal. "For something...pleasant afterwards," he added, solely for effect.

She almost jumped for joy at his words, "Mmmmm pleasant. Hmmm.. why we have to go other places first? I thought the forest was good? There aren't any ships, the only way to get off this island would be with a ship or airship. And I certainly can't fly myself." she giggled to herself.

Kuja bit his lip in thought. No ships...figures. Oh well, even if he had to swim it, he'd get out of here somehow. After all, he was already dead; he wouldn't drown. He pulled her along after him, trying to reach the border of the forest. "We should get closer to the ocean," he said quietly. "Where's the north side?"

"We're going towards it... this north point..." They exited the forest and there was a bit of an outcropping that came fairly near to the opposite shore, though it was still quite a swim, "Kuja? You're being strange..."

"Strange? Me? Not at all, my dear. You'll forgive me for being a bit of a perfectionist I hope." The smell of the ocean was strong here, like near the Iifa Tree. Kuja could vaguely make out the opposite shore. The wind was stronger here as well. He thought She deserved something for helping him. Not the prize she thought she'd get. "Tell me something, Shannon...what do you dream about?"

She looked confused for a moment and moved around to look into his face, tilting her head, "But I can't dream anymore, I haven't slept since Master brought me back." she apparently took him too literally, "I used to dream about hmmm... lotsa stuff?"

Kuja looked down at her for the first time, his blue eyes intense. That struck a chord in him. Did that mean he couldn't as well? Poor thing... He looked again out into the waves, pausing, trying to decide what to do. He felt his long hair swirling around him in the wind. "If you--could leave Kigaeno, would you?"

Shannon immediately shook her head without even considering the thought. Maybe some of his minions secretly wanted to leave but she was apparently not one of those, "Cleyra is my home and even if I leave I want to always be able to come home." she shook her head and looked a bit pouty, "I don't care if its not real anymore, its still home, and its all I have left from being alive. Maybe... all I really want is to be alive and only Master can help us do that."

Kuja nodded, his resolve set. "Then,'ve made a mistake." He looked down at her again, hands curling into position for a spell. "I won't go back there. Ever."

Shannon looked up at him, confused, ".. w-what are you doing?" she backed away looking a bit more conscious of her situation than normal, but didn't make any move to defend herself.

"Oh, don't worry..." Kuja's voice took on a distant tone. "I won't hurt you. I do have some mercy left in me, even after all this..." He again looked out longingly at the coastline. "With any luck, you'll never see me again. For which I think you will be grateful."

"B-but... I thought you liked me.." was the only thing she could get out of her mouth, thinking for the first time she might have just been a way for him to get out of Cleyra.

"A lot of people think that." Kuja felt the magic swelling up in him. "I used to think they liked me, too. But all things like that are charades, Shannon. Always."

"That's not true, I like you." she had the saddest expreesion on her face that could have possibly been managed, and suddenly hugged him.

He stopped a moment, and laid one hand on her hair. "Only because you don;t really know me," he murmured back. "Even the man who created me hated me."

Shannon sighed and didn't say a word, just snuggled close to him further, thinking beyond hope that just maybe her actions would move him a bit more.

Kuja stopped too, looking out into the ocean. She couldn't possibly have known how miserable his life had been, how relived he'd been to finally stop. And to have it brought back again... She wasn't bad, at all, really...if only she hadn't been Cleyran, or Kigaeno's...but she'd go back, she already said it. He couldn't take her with him, because no matter how much she thought she cared for him, she'd turn him in... "I...don't...know what to make of you. You seem so kind. But you'd take me back to him if he asked."

She shook her head, she wanted desperately to find out what was wrong "I won't take you back unless you ask to. I can go to visit on my own." whether she was being honest or not was iffy, but she didn't seem like the type to lie at this point, "If I get to know you and don't like you anymore I'll just leave you and go back, but I won't try to take you back."

Kuja met this with substancial reservation. It was a chance he just couldn't take. They'd been gone so long...surely he'd been missed by now. "Don't you realize why he revived me? To be some kind of toy, like a doll...just penance, nothing more. No good could ever come of it, for either of us." He hugged her a moment, feeling both melancholy and vaguely surprised that she'd stirred any feeling in him at all. But foolish and kind though she was, she was dangerous. Everyone was. "I you, as much as I am able. I do hope you'll be alive again, if that's truly what you want. Until then...sweet dreams." He began to mutter a sleep spell, arms firmly clasped around her.

She shook her head, pulling her face up to try to kiss him as he spoke, only to fall back before she reached him, crumpling in his arms and looking mildly shocked that she was falling asleep before tumbling to the ground in a deep slumber.

Kuja paused for a moment, trying to straighten out everything. He picked her up and moved her to a grassy area at the edge of the forest and set her there. She was plainly visible; they'd find her. He knew it was foolish not to kill her, but He thought briefly of the band she'd put around his tail. Untying it, he laid it in her open palm. So much for that. "Farewell, Shannon," he murmured. Crossing over to the edge of the beach, he looked out at the distant shore. He listened for the sounds of someone approaching, but there was none. With a deep sigh, he jumped into the water, surprised by the lack of chill, and struck out for the continent.

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