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Characters: Puck and whoever crosses over through the portal or anyone else that comes upon them.
Rating: Low, we hope, for poor Puck's sake >.> He's allergic to being maimed.
Place: portal opening at the edge of the Vube desert (between Cleyra/Burmecia)

Puck scratched his head at what he had found, turning his chocobo to a stop at the gleaming portal. He had found the thing about halfway between his own city and Cleyra, as he had been on his way there. Unguarded, he had went without notice because he knew anyone he asked to escort him would insist he stay in the castle as always. He had just wanted to check on how Freya was doing. Apparently good, as he could already see the sand storm in the distance.

But this was unexpected what was it. He was about to come close to examine it more, when suddenly two figures, appearing to be warriors stepped through. Backing his chocobo up, he sat there, eyes wide, and reached for his spear just in case, even though from the looks of them he wasn't even a fraction of a match for them. He really hoped they were friendly.

So he better try to be friendly himself, "Uh.. hey, what's up?" Seeing a large if young mouse in armor, riding chocobo back, and holding a spear couldn't have been a normal sight for them.

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