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Place: Cleyra
Characters: Kuja and Shannon
Reply: none (played via AIM)
Rating: low

Kuja nodded slowly, trying to choose his words. "I'm not particularly interested in missions at the moment, but new clothes would be most appreciated. I prefer blue or purple if you have it." He watched the others leave with relief. One Cleyran he could handle if he needed to.

Shannon looked throughtful, putting a finger to her muzzle and was quiet for a few seconds, "You sure you wouldn't want pink? You'd look so cutsie" she made the most grotesque chibi face he had ever seen as she spoke that last word, it was enough to make a normal man's eyes bleed.

"Oh well, whatever, lets go." she took him by the hand and attempted to lead him to a shop a short ways away.

Kuja tried to look anywhere but at her; when she looked at him like that, it was worse than Kigaeno. He shook his head. "No pink. I'm afraid..."cutesy"...isn't really my style." He followed her silently, glancing back and around for any further attacks.

She almost skipped as she led him to her favorite clothing shop. Of course her favorite clothing shop was a lady's clothing shop, but all the same she attempted to lead him inside with a smile.

He looked around, non-plussed. He indicated his old clothes with one hand. "This was not a dress, despite what you may think. I'd rather have something custom made if possible."

"Oh , she can make custom made stuff!" no doubt women's custom made stuff, "Just come in! I bet you'll find something! OH MY GOD LOOK AT THE RIBBONS!!"
She grabbed for a rack of ribbons and pulled off a pink one, then remembered he liked purple and reached for a purple one, "Yay!"

Kuja backed away from her, looking around at the items in the shop. Most of the materials used were light; he had an idea that if he cut some apart and fixed them back together he could have something he liked. "I don't...really need ribbons," he said, looking around for a shopkeeper.

Learie blinked as Kuja looked at her, staring nervously at him from behind a counter. Unlike the maidens, she was actually dressed with dignity and appeared to be more of a Burmecian appearance. She leaned over and spoke to Shannon, "Have you seen Dan around Shannon?"

Shannon didn't hear her, she was obsessing over ribbons still looking for a blue one.

Kuja ignored Shannon and crossed over to the shopkeeper, finding her style much more pleasing. He smiled, offered her a slight bow, and said, "Forgive the odd request, but I'm in need of some new clothes, something like what I have now, but new. Could you help me with that?"

"O-ok..." Learie looked terrified. Lucky for Kuja, probably too terrified to not do what he wanted, "Like what you have?" she cautiously reached across the counter to feel of the material of his sleeve. "I actually think.. that I have something similar to this... maybe alter it. It would take a bit."

Meanwhile, Shannon giggled obsessively tying a blue and purple ribbon on her own tail.

Kuja smiled brightly and nodded. "I have plenty of time, madam; take your time. I prefer silver, purple or blue, and silk if you have it." He gestured at Shannon and added, "And despite what she may tell you, no ribbons."

"Right um... " she got shifty eyes, "Would it be ok for me to have what you're wearing for reference? I could give you a robe to put on while I did so."

Shannon's eyes brightened and she was snapped out of her ribbon craze. Kuja might be taking his cloths off?

"All right, as long as you have someplace private I could change." He looked warily back at Shannon. "Go back to what you were doing," he said to her.

Learie almost forgot her fear and rolled her eyes visibly, "They didn't build in changing rooms, these Cleyrans have no shame, but I can let you step behind the rack of cloths over there." she pointed to a fairly secure looking row of cloths that had lady's flowery robes in it.
Shannon stood bit biting her lip a bit.

Kuja looked from Shannon to Learie and back, and finally said, "Shannon, would you mind going outside a moment?

Shannon looked as if she was going to cry, if she could, "Why? You don't like me?" she quivered her lip in such a fashion that would have made someone with a heart care, then held up a burgundy tail band, "If you promise to put this on your tail? It's a manly color and not a ribbon!"

Kuja had another answer in mind, but replied, "Of course I do, but decorum would forbid me from taking my clothes off in front of a woman I don;t know well yet. However, I will wear that if it pleases you." He held out his hand for the tail band. Besides, no one ever saw his tail anyway.

Shannon got all starry eyed as if he had just proposed to her and hopped out the front door, standing at the window and looking in and waving whenever he looked at her.

Rolling his eyes, Kuja took one of the robes. Carefully, he pulled of the remains of the jacket, his boots and unfastened the drape that hung down in back. He then tied the robe on first before discreetly sliding the thong off. He handed the clothes to Learie, and then tied the band around his tail with a feeling of disgust.

Learie took the cloths and nodded, going into the back with them and disappearing. Meanwhile Shannon looked in from the door and then took a few steps in, "It's been a moment right?" Her tail swished her purple and blue ribbon around proudly.

Kuja sat down on the couch nearby and nodded. "Thank you. It occurs to me that you know my name, but I don;t know yours."

"Ooops I thought I told you. I'm Shannon! Um errrr Water Maiden Shannon." she sat down and put her hands on one knee, sitting noticably as closely as she could to Kuja.

"Delighted to meet you, Lady Shannon," he said. "Suppose you tell me a bit about yourself while we wait?"

"Well..." she toyed with her tail a bit, flattered that he'd want to know more about her, but he did exchange engagement tail bands with her after all, it was all rather sudden. "I'm a priestess thingy... hmmm... I like cheese and ribbons and ... stuff.. um... anything in particular."

Kuja nodded as though this was the most interesting thing he'd heard, even though he thought she surely had to be one of the most brainless creatures he'd ever encountered. "How fascinating," he commented. "And how did you come to know Kigaeno?"

"He... " she looked as if she was deep in thought, "I was in the temple, and everything went dark.. and then it was gone... then the next thing I knew I was with Kigaeno in the temple again. I don't really know how, but he said that he saved us from the Alexandrian peoples. Then he said if we helped him good we'd be alive again one day."

Alive again...Kuja pondered that a moment. If Kigaeno destroyed everyone, would there even be a reason to be alive anymore? "But...he didn't, Shannon. Cleyra was destroyed. This...what you see here...it can't be the real Cleyra. We're all dead. No one saved either of us."

Shannon shook her head, "He did! We're here... talking ...aren't we? We're not all alive yet but he can make us all alive. He can do lotsa stuff! and... " she hesitated and looked like she had trouble drawing breaths to talk, "he said he'd make all the bad people go away."

"What bad people?" Kuja asked softly, noticing her agitiation. "People like me?"

Shannon looked up slightly fearful, "A-are you a bad person?... he brought you back too... he.. he said all the humans would die because we couldn't be safe until they were." she looked like it was something that she didn't like the sound of but put to the back of her mind after some convincing.

Kuja watched her carefully, and gently rubbed her ears with one hand. "If he thinks all humans should die...well, Lady Shannon, wouldn't that mean me, as well?" Tail not withstanding, of course. "I don't know why I was brought here, but I don;t think Kigaeno meant to be kind."

Shannon felt like she relaxed at the ear rubbing, and twisted her tail around Kuja's waist as he continued, laying her head slightly against him, "You're not human... humans don't have tails... " it was splitting hairs, but technically was correct. "Maybe you just got off on the wrong foot with him?"

"True, but I'm more human than I am Cleyran." He traced over her tail with one finger, then said slowly, "If I...needed your help with something, could I trust you to help me?"

"Maybe..." she traced a claw over the top of his legs, coming dangerously close to the last place he wanted her hand to be, "Maybe master could help you? He can cast big spells and stuff."

Kuja quelled the urge to slap her hand away. "No, no, not him; I've no need of big spells. I can do that myself. No, Shannon, I'm asking for *your* help."

Shannon looked very close to beaming with pride and snuggled her head against his shoulder further, "Reeeally? What could I possibly do?" he eyes were looking downward from his shoulder with an unnerving look of slight hunger.

"Many things; I'm sure you're very talented," Kuja said sweetly, entwining his fingers in her hair. "But," he added, lowering his voice to a seductive whisper, "what I'd really like...is to leave this city. With you, of course. After all, it would be so much better to pursue this without...interruption." Inwardly his stomach was twisting at the very idea, but on the outside he showed no signs. "Surely, my darling, you could arrange that for us?"

"Oh that..." she looked like she might be doing something not unlike blushing though no one would mistake her for having shame, "We don't have to leave to do that.. maybe... well.. maybe we can..." she looked into his eyes briefly, and most likely to his horror, her muzzle moved forward towards his mouth to try to snatch a nice long kiss.

Kuja pulled back from her, half instinct and half act. Coyly, he said, "Oh, no, not here. That wouldn;t be appropriate. It should be perfect, don;t you agree? An overlook over the forest at sunset, or the ocean...not some dark little shop."

"Oh no its fine here, there are no rules against that here." gods did they really have that little shame? She did seem to see that he was uncomforable though, "I really need to ask Master before leaving though. He'll be worried."

Kuja held up one hand. "Oh, no...surely he trusts you! and besides, do you really want to have to go all the way up to the temple and find him? Do you *really* want to wait that long? I know I don't." Keeping the image of freedom firmly locked in his mind, he leaned over and kissed her.

Shannon pulled herself into the kiss and made a silly squeaking noise as she licked the inside of his mouth with her long tongue. It was at this point that Learie came back with the completely cloths, and when the kiss was complete she could be seen standing there with big eyes, "Um... its... um.. done. Yes."

Kuja pulled free and looked over at Learie, delighted to see that she had copied his old clothes almost exactly. He took them from her and admired them. "Marvelous work," he commented. Glancing back at Shannon, he added, "And a wonderful idea it was of yours coming here, Shannon."

Shannon pulled out a coin pouch and paid Learie an amount of gil, who then went back to the seat she had been at before, leaning back and sitting there blankly. Shannon, poked at the cloths as Kuja held him, "Should I help you change? We should hurry."

He slid the thong piece on under the robe, then dropped the robe to the floor and started to pull on the jacket. Handing her the drape for the back, he asked her to attach it while he fastened the jacket.

Shannon quickly fumbled for his cloths, disappointed that she didn't get a good glance but satisfied all the same. After getting him dressed, she was almost bouncy grabbing his hand and trying to lead him out of the shop, "I know just where we can go! Its in another world place!"

Kuja followed her with what he hoped was an eager smile. "Really? Wonderful! Where are we going?"

Leading him to the gazebo, she waved her hands at several portals around. Shannon wondered where those suppose to be watching the portals were, they must have been taken away in all the commotion. It didn't matter now, "We're going to Teeemple of the Ancients." she said it all eerie like, "There's a forest right outside of it!"

It worked! Kuja smiled to himself. In no time they'd be out of this hideous city. He hadn;t decided quite what to do with Shannon yet, but he'd think of something. "Lead the way, my dear," he said quietly, scheming quietly to himself.

Bouncing happily, Shannon went through the portal pulling Kuja behind her.

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