Kigaeno Moondancer (kigaeno) wrote in humanity_scenes,
Kigaeno Moondancer

Cleyra comes together

Place: Cleyra
Respond: anyone in Cleyra, starting with Freya I assume.
Rating?: probably not too high i'm thinkin

Kigaeno sat on top of the Inn, having arrived with Kuja shortly before, and was about to have deep thoughts when he suddenly realized a bit of an odd thing. Wind. Oh, the windstorm was starting. He hopped off the roof and made his way towards the temple, slowly as he was expecting Kuja to bust out of the end and try to start melting people at any time.
Finally, he arrived just as minions... er his fellow cleyrans were filtering out of the temple. He quietly instructed some of them to tend to Kuja as he entered. Sharon and Dan nodded to him and Dan looked particular uncomfortable around the priest for an unspecified reason.
Sharon spoke, "How was the World of Ruin?"
"Charming. Kefka was a failure, but I got a few others. ... " he stopped and slowly tilted his head to look behind Sharon at Freya, "Dragoon in red? Freya? I take it I have you to partially thank for the wind outside."
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