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Kuja Tribal

Place: Iifa tree/Cleyra
Characters: Kuja, Kigaeno
Reply: None, done via AIM

The only sounds were the gentle sounds of waves outside the makeshift chamber inside the Iifa tree where Kuja lay.

Kigaeno opened the portal to a ledge of the tree a few dozen feet above where Kuja lay, landing on the very edge, nearly loosing his balance, and hooking his staff around a nook to keep it, he looked down. What luck. This would be much easier than Kefka was. He unhooked his staff and intentionally let himself fall, landing with a thump next to Kuja's body and half yelping, before dropping a single hand over it and letting the energy flow. Sitting up, he waited for Kuja to stir.

It was like waking from a long, dreamless sleep. The world seemed blurry. The most acute thing was the smell of seasalt from the ocean outside. Kuja slowly curled his fingers, trying to get feeling back into his body. Everything was numb and vague. Was there someone nearby? Not quite able to move yet, he opened his eyes and blinked, trying to clear his vision.

Sighing, Kigaeno moved his head over Kuja's. He was taking far too long to get up. Sephiroth had been at his throat trying to kill him by now, but perhaps this one would be too 'proper' for that sort of behavior. Getting on his hands and knees and looking down at Kuja's face, he grinned, "Hello! Wakey wakey!"

Kuja's blue eyes locked onto the...thing over him. He felt the strength rapidly returning to his body as the reanimation neared completion. With one hand, he reached up to grab the thing and shove it away. It was a...Burmecian? And a strange looking one at that. I must be in hell, Kuja thought.

Kigaeno felt the hand around his throat, but still a weak one, and he wasn't particularly worried about being hurt, so he didn't make any move to defend himself outwardly. Raising both claws up and clicking them together he spoke, "Kuja's being a bad monkey!". With this he suddenly reached below Kuja's armpits and started tickling him for no apparent reason.

Kuja managed to get up on his knees and lunged back to get away from him. The fact that he was ticklish not withstanding, the thing's claws were sharp. Marvelous. Not only was it a rat, it was a crazy rat. And it knew his name. "Stop it," he hissed. Then, in a slightly more confused tone, "Didn't I kill you all?"

"Us? Oh..." Kigaeno calmly moved to sit cross legged on the ground, "Well,... yes and no. A lot of the Burmecians that fled got away to breed and stuff then came back and rebuilt... except the ones that fled to Cleyra... well some of them got away too... or pieces of them." he looked incredibly thoughtful for a moment, "but I'm not alive, if that makes you feel any better."

"Can't say that it does," Kuja replied, gazing around him. Still inside the tree. He could see the hole he'd fallen through above. He wanted to get out of here; the last thing he wanted was to be trapped with this thing. "Well, lovely meeting you, but if you don't mind, I'll be leaving." Somehow.

"Actually you'll find yourself quite compelled to do exactly as I say rather than what you want." Kigaeno raised a claw. He wasn't going to screw around with this one and try to convince him to come willingly, and motioned for him to stand up, then moved forward and sat on his knees idly in front of him looking up at him, "The stories were right though, you are pretty."

Kuja rose to his feet, feeling his power returning. He looked down at the rat with contempt and said coldly, "Oh, and what makes you think I'd do anything you asked?" He considered the last comment without speaking. Of course he was pretty. He knew that. He was glad his clothes were intact, because he didn't like the way the rat was looking at him.

Kigaeno shook his head, about to give a speech about how he had complete power over him, "You little..." but then decided to let him figure out by himself "you little doll you! Do you shave your bikini line, cause I don't see any hair!" both claws went for Kuja's belly, "OoOooOOo soft."

Kuja looked down in disbelief. What kind of question was that? Like it was any of his business anyway. He squirmed unconciously at his touch, again backing away. The demeanor of this creature was so strange, half-threatening and half-playful. Kuja was further convinced he didn't want it near him. "Did I not make it clear to you not to touch me?"

"Hm." Kigaeno moved forward as he grabbed one of Kuja's sleeves and snuggled it against his head, "I bet this use to be all silky but now its all matted and stuffs... I'll have the maidens fix you right up with a new outfit. They like playing dress up. Stand on one foot Kuja. Anyway, its important to me that you understand something about our unique... relationship."

"We don't have a relationship," Kuja said, but the impulse to follow the bizarre command was almost more than he could stand. He managed to keep both feet on the ground, but it was hard. What was wrong with him all of sudden? He wanted nothing to do with this thing, yet was compelled to stay near it. This must be some sort of nightmare. This time he didn't pull his sleeve away, even though he wanted to quite badly.

Kigaeno looked up at Kuja, serious now, and stood up to face him, "You didn't do what I said. I think you should stop moving for a bit while I explain something to you in part." At this point he drew the energy from Kuja that he had placed there, leaving a part that would keep him conscious, but temporarily depriving him of his ability to move, "Kuja. You are my little black mage doll. You do what I say. Or you stop moving. Give me more trouble, and I will make you a statue in the new Cleyran square where the entire populace and point at you and laugh or poke sticks at you. Yet if you do well for me, you may one day redeem yourself and be allowed something not unlike freedom of choice."

When he found himself frozen, Kuja felt terror bloom deep within. He'd never been afraid of Burmecians before, but this thing was something else entirely. The power that radiated off it was incredible. He wanted to speak, but being unable, listened to him in startled silence. He kept trying to move without success. Even being dead would be better than this.

Kigaeno smiled kindly, feeling his reaction, "I can make this last for eternity Kuja. Don't tempt me, because you know not a person on this world would raise a finger to save you." with that he raised a hand again and sent the energy back through him allowing him to move, "But why can't we be friends, hm? I already know your name. My name's Kigaeno Moondancer."

Kuja closed his eyes for a brief moment, considering. Kigaeno was right about no one being willing to help him. He weighed his options breifly. There was no way out of here that he could see, aside from casting flare to blast his way out, and he didn't think Kigaeno would let him. But...the thought of being around Kigaeno much longer was more than he could bear. Maybe, just maybe...if he made him angry enough...he'd kill him again. That would be best. He opened his eyes and leveled them at Kigaeno. "No."

Kigaeno stared at him for another few minutes after he said it, his eyes glaring deep within his, and his muzzle slowly moved closer to his, and suddenly placed a quick lick on his muzzle, "If you continue to refuse to be my friend, I may have my feelings hurt or... " he attempted to back Kuja into a corner to drape his arms over his shoulders, "I may do something more drastic. Something unpleasant. Something even worse than letting the maidens play dress up with you. Hmmmm what to do."

"I don't care if your feelings get hurt," Kuja muttered, even though he knew it wasn't in his best interest to say so. Kigaeno might be able to make him care. When he pushed Kuja back against the wall, he felt trapped even further. Something he hated. He didn't like closed spaces, and having Kigaeno so close was making it worse. "Why are you doing this? What could you possibly want with me, anyway?"

Kigaeno narrowed his eyes, "I'm a Cleyran. My race is dead. I want vengence, on the entire human race. But... its just poetic you see, if the person responsible for the culture's final demise helps me, don't you think? You were always speaking in grotesque prose, surely you appreciate such a poetic thing? Well?" his eyes became nearly seductive, "You know if I reeeeally wanted to humiliate you, I could do far worse things than just make you stop. I suggest you settle for 'just friends' with me."

Cleyran! This couldn't possibly get any worse. Kuja understood all too well the urge to take venegence on people, but to work with this thing? At Kigaeno's last threat, Kuja knew very well what he might be suggesting, and while...things had happened before, he didn't want them happening again. "I don't have any choice, do I..." he said, more to himself than Kigaeno. He bit his lip, thinking. If he could get out of the tree, he just might be able to escape.

"Seeseesee? Its not sooo bad." Kigaeno placed a singlular claw on Kuja's nose playfully and pulled him into a hug, at which point he casually opened a portal beneath them, opening it to a about 10 feet off the ground in the Cleyran square and allowing them both to fall through to it. Upon falling, he let Kuja go, and landed a few feet back from him. Here was Cleyra, just as it was before, almost. There was something wrong with it that noone could quite place, and the distinct lack thus far of a wind storm. There were a few Cleyrans around, but they just seemed to stare into space as if blankly waiting to be told what to do.

Kuja had been startled by the fall, but recovered quickly when he figured out where he was. "Cleyra..." he murmured uncertainly. The stillness of the place was eerie. Where was the wind? Why weren't they moving? In the new light he looked down at the tattered remains of his clothes, realizing just how long he'd been under that tree. He thought for sure the Cleyrans would have tried to kill him by now. Confused, he looked back at Kigaeno for answers.

Kigaeno shook his head, looking disappoint, "Lively!" he clapped his hands, "We have visitors! You're suppose to seem lively when we have visitors!" the Cleyrans seemed to twitch and all looked at Kuja as if seeing him for the first time, and indeed they were, none of them had actually seen Kuja, "This is our new friend Kuja, he'll be staying with us and helping us... kill things, because as much as we hate him he's good at it." There were a few nods, and most of them went about doing other things, even if other things were just wandering around, though one maiden approached them quietly.

Kigaeno simply turned to Kuja, "I've become quite adept at resurrections, I raised the entire city, impressive right?"

"Impressive," Kuja agreed quietly. Impressive but terrifying at the same time. It was all so surreal. This was a place that Kuja himself had helped destroy, and now it was back, alive but not alive. The ghosts of all the things he'd ever done wrong literally coming back to haunt him. He felt no remorse, only fear and dull confusion. "Where did you...how did you learn to do this?"

"I'm probably near 10 times your age Kuja.. and have visited 4 other worlds besides this one.. not to mention having been dead for near a century. Those things teach someone.." Kigaeno was surprised when the maiden held up a hand to interrupt him, but didn't make a move to stop her.

The maiden curtsied to Kigaeno, then turned to Kuja and did the same thing. After this her composure suddenly lost its cool, and both claws went for his hair attempting to remove a claw full as a foot came up to try to kick him in the shin, "That's for breaking my harp you fucking bitch!" she regained composure and turned to leave.

Kigaeno continued as if nothing happened, "they teach someone a lot of things, especially since each world has its own magic system and level of technology."

Rubbing his head where his hair had been yanked out, Kuja glared after the maiden, that old smoldering hatred coming back to the surface. "I'm glad I killed you," he muttered. When he drew his hand away it was tinged with blood; she'd scratched him. He listened to the remainder of Kigaeno's explanation with interest. "Technology? Like what?" Casting a quick glance around for any further attackers, he added, "I don't suppose there's somewhere else we can go."

"Its ok, she just wanted to do it once I'm sure, but we can go into the inn if you really insist," He started walking as he spoke, "Technology as in far more advanced that the crummy airships they have here. Like energy cannons and longer range explosive devices. And of course each with its own magic system, and more importantly with their own villians, all of which I can raise if they're dead or convince to join me otherwise I beleive."

Kuja followed with some hesitation. His interest was piqued at the mention of technology, but not so much at the mention of other villians. In the past he'd have been all for it, but under the direction of Kigaeno, he wasn't interested. He wondered if he'd used that paralysis trick on them, too. "And after you kill everyone, what then?"

"Not everyone. Only the humans. And any other that insists on getting in my way, but I don't intend on driving anything but the humans extinct. Afterwards the inner continent will all be Burmecia. As it should be." an oracle at the desk in the inn nodded to them as they entered, and Kigaeno motioned that they were going up stairs, "Kuja is welcome to stay here as long as he is here, but shouldn't leave the city without my permission. Make sure everyone knows." with this he started to go up the stairs, "I fear we don't have a mognet moogle to keep you company, the one that was in Cleyra apparently escaped unharmed.

Just you wait, Kuja thought. The moment you leave, so will I. Your zombie rats can't stop me. This thought was comforting enough that he could follow Kigaeno up the stairs, although with trepidation. "I don't need any company," he said quietly.

"But moogles are such great company! And good lays too if you've ever tried." no, Kigaeno hadn't, but he wanted to say something random that would severely disturb Kuja for the hell of it, "Kuja... please don't try to leave." Surprisinly, Kigaeno left down the stairs, even though he fully realized that Kuja would attempt to leave. He walked down to the ground floor again, and bouncies gleefully back to the Temple.

Kuja looked at him incredulously. Moogles? The thought was revolting. He said nothing as Kigaeno left, thankful he was gone. He sat down on the bed, arms crossed, feeling the rotted remains of the satin sleeves in his hands. He needed to wait awhile to make sure his escape path was clear. Flarestar , he thought. That would take care of them. Hopefully soon; he didn't want to stay here any longer than he could help.

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