_amarant_ (_amarant_) wrote in humanity_scenes,

Place: Cleyra

Character: Amarant

Rating: Beats me

Who can Reply: anyone

Amarant sprinted again that day.  This time he was sprinting to Cleyra.  Save the Queen strapped to his back, he continued to run.  He decided to get ahead of Beatrix and her "captors".  Finally, he made it to Burmecia.  Amarant slowed down a bit, but he continued to run.  He finally made it to the outskirts of Cleyra.  Amarant knelt down and took in the surroundings.

The sandstorm seemed to be back on in Cleyra.  Amarant knew there was a tree in the middle of the twister.  The question was how to enter.

Amarant donned the black cloak he brought with him.  He crouched down abit so that he looked like one of the Cleyrans.  It still didn't solve how to get in though.

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