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PLace: Narshe Mines
Characters: Ultros, Kigaeno, undead moogle minion, rp-ed over AIM
Rating: Low unless violent moogles scare you

Kigaeno sighed and wondered if Ultros would be here; he wasn't going to spend much more time here than he had already. He had taken the time to portal from Balamb back to this world then to here from his recent fight with Shadow so he could close a portal behind him. He had then begun the tedious task of making minions here.

Of course it was Narshe, and the moogles that used to live here seemed good enough, besides that they were fluffy like Cleyrans and it'd probably be hilarious to see humans being maimed by cute little moogles. So he resurrected the whole group he could find, 10 of them in all.

"Ah, that was some excellent cuisine," Ultros said to himself, slowly crawling his way through Narshe. "I don't know what that stable hand was so mad about, though . . . After all, I offered him some after he caught me!" He crept up to the Narshe caves from the back entrance. "Well, here goes nothing . . ." he pouted, entering the cave.

"AAAAAAAAAH!" Kupek fell from a ledge in the cave and attempted to latch himself to Ultros's head the best he could, pulled out a sharp rock as if to stab him before being silenced by a simple statement from Kigaeno.

"Don't kill that one silly moogle." Kigaeno waved off the others, some of whom had been charging as well in the commotion.

"Aw... I wanted to make him explode..." Kupek looked as if he might shed tears as he wandered around Kigaeno and stood there.

"You'll have plenty of time to make people explode. This is Ultros, and you will now do as it... he says. Because I said so." Kigaeno gave a brief bow to Ultros, waiting to hear what he thought would be his undieing appreciation.

Ultros began to flail his tentacles wildly while turning around a small circle when Kupek landed upon him. "Ngaaah!" Ultros wailed. "Get off me, you disgustingly cute ipooh!"

Then Kigaeno's voice was heard, Kupek retreating away. Ultros stared at Kigaeno after he spoke his second-to-last line. "Whatever . . . I say . . . ?" Ultros stuttered. "As in . . . loyal minions . . . ? YES!" his cry of excitement echoing through the caves. "At last; royal subjects of the plural kind! Now those who laughed at me when I told them how great I am will finally pay! Especially that Nikeah stable hand! And Ziegfried! And Setzer, of course! Mwa ha ha! Mwa ha ha! Ha! Ha!"

Kigaeno perked an eye ridge, amusedly, then his face was suddenly covered in a grin, "Fine fine now, but don't forget my mission. You may use these for what you wish but when I hand down orders, they take precedence over you getting your freak on and such things..."

He gave another sigh, "I need to go soon as well Ultros, I have work to do in my home world." he motioned towards the back of the cave, "The portal that exist where the moogles .. used to live, leads to my bases in the other worlds, and should therefore be protected at all cost. Try to keep your presence here a secret or figure a way to better defend this dismal place. Oh... and if that idiot Kefka shows up send him through the portal to Gaia... it's the one that looks like the top of a large tree on the other side."

Too much too much, he wondered if Ultros was taking all this in or not.

"Yes yes, sure," Ultros assured him. "I know you're the big man in charge and you'll rip my poor tentacles off and do what you will with them if I don't obey."

Ultros listened to Kigaeno prattle on about various things. "Right, right; um . . ." He looked from side to side, apparently looking for something. Eventually, he took his map out of its container. "I'll just use the back of this," he mumbled, spitting ink on it and writing various notes down. "Need to get some more paper if I'm going to be this lowly minion who delivers messages." He abruptly stopped and looked up. "Alright; protect the portal, improve defenses, if Kefka shows up, send him to this Gaia place. . . . What did it look like again?"

"A tree. Like the top of a very very large mountain size tree that my kind live in the top of." Kigaeno shook his head, "Not very bright I see, but I suppose you make up for it with dashing good looks." it wasn't clear if that statement was serious or not, "Either way, I gotta date with someone very special!" he began giggling profusely and wandered towards the back of the cave, not waiting to provide further instructions.

Left there was Kupek staring up at him and a few others wandering aimlessly behind him, randomly running into each other from time to time mindlessly, "When do we get to make people explode?"

"Right, right," Ultros said, writing some more before pausing after the bright comment and looking very irritated. "Yes yes, fine. Go. I got it," he angrily said, mumbling, "Stupid statue . . ." to himself after Kigaeno took a few steps away.

Ultros looked up at Kupek after furiously staring at the ground to try to control his rage. "I don't know, did you check the houses for anyone who might still be around?"

"There was some guy in the old weapon store, he didn't scream for very long though, we have to be more careful-kupo!" Kupek looked annoyed, "And he wouldn't explode!"

"We gotta use magic stuffs next time!" Kurin started dancing around as if to demonstrate and sang a little song to go with it, "Kupo kupo kupoooo"

"Give us a mission! We need explosions! Master promised us lots of exploding heads-kupo!"

"Fine," Ultros said, still seething over Kigaeno's words. "Go scout around the mountains. If you've already done that, then just check for any nearby people who are potential threats. If I remember correctly, Sabin's master lives on this continent."

"Kupo!" Kupek saluted with his cute little paw and ran back to the others, gathering them around, "All right! We go in pairs! Everyone pair up and scout around, meet back here in 2 hours! Make people explooode-kupoooo!"

"No explosions-kupo! He said scout not blow stuffs up!" Kupan apparently disagreed.

"What do you know kupo head!"

"Who cares?!" Ultros exploded. "If you find something you want to blow up, go ahead! Just go!" He turned to stare at the ground again. "Lousy, weird statue," he muttered to himself. "Doesn't give royalty the respect the title demands like everyone else. Some day I'll be powerful enough to defend myself against him and get some semblance of a life without that weirdo . . ."

"Holy f-in kupo!" even Kurin ceased his dancing as the moogles scattered into all directions, some of them running into each other and other things on their way out.
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