Ultros (royal_octopus) wrote in humanity_scenes,

(Posting for the UMH)

Characters: various moogles, Cloud, Tifa, anyone else who runs through the portal(s)
Place: Narshe Mines
Rating: currently G

(OOC message for Lani: It would be nice if you made an entry where you arrive at Cleyra sometime soon. Danke.)

Six pairs of glowing red eyes watched a blonde, strangely-dressed man run through a portal and further into the mines. Two followed him. Then, a woman with black hair followed him shortly afterwards. Two sets of eyes followed her.

The man and woman soon met up with each other and exchanged a few words. That's when they struck. Two moogles dropped down from the ceiling, each one wrapping their arms around their respective targets. A third followed them and clung to the man's left arm.

Kushu, the fourth moogle to follow the duo, ran around the corner and hugged the woman's right leg. "Welcome to the Narshe mines, dear allies!" he quipped happily, still hugging the leg.
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