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Place: Cosmo Canyon
Rating: probably low
Characters: Red XIII and Seto

Seto exited the portal on the same hill where he had stood for so long, and sat back on his haunches at that exact spot, the imprint of his formerly stone paws still showing on the hill. Arrows were laying about where Kigaeo had yanked them from Seto's body after he was resurrected; it looked as though the process would have been painful to any normal creature, but for some reason Seto wasn't bothered at the lack of pain or feeling. It would only make him a more effective warrior after all.

He watched his son as he followed, his eyes examining what could be the last living one of his kind. He felt a slight envy for his son's life, yet at the same time pride that he was the last one standing. But his son was raised outside of the Mtezeko culture, so Seto wondered how he would take to things. He was in fact wondered how he himself would take to things. Kigaeno had been a protector of their species during his time here, but at the same time had made them enough enemies that he could very well also be the reason they were killed off. If it was though, the creature couldn't be blamed. He had done his best, and now he'd come to make up for his mistakes. Seto understood this, though he had no idea what had occured since then. He knew something must have, because his son had grown into quite a warrior with battle scars to show it.

"Son... you've become strong. I can tell just by looking at you, you would even be a match for me now. I'm proud of you."
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