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Place: Cleyra Temple
Characters: Kildea, Claire, Kigaeno, Beatrix
Rating: high if she makes us get rough with her :p

Kigaeno departed through the portal and grabbed the first minion he saw by the arm, who happened to be Claire. Seeing Kildea a short distance away, he pointed at her, "Follow the happy fun to the temple Kildea!" Rolling her eyes slightly, she followed him nonetheless. He might be insane but he did seem to get most of the job done right, and she wasn't going to argue with the future of her people, if that's what you could call them even.

Arriving on the doors of the temple, he drew several odd glances from both the minions by knocking on it loudly even though he knew that Beatrix couldn't open the door from the inside and noone else was in there. He knocked again. Then again. He turned back to his minions, "Oh wait, I magically sealed the door, didn't I. How silly of me. He calmly opened a portal beneanth himself and fell through into the temple, and was followed by Claire then Kildea that took either side of him. He walked directly to where the general stood.

"Miss General Beatrix person-thingy." Kigaeno sounded unusually official considering his choice of words, "After careful consideration and long discussion about the issue..." Actually I just went and had sex then watched some blond guy get beaten by hot females but we'll leave that part out "We have decided that we have no choice but execution, and wait for your to accept your fate. Should you accept it, it will be swift and painless. Tell us General, we have enquiring minds."

"Do we have to make it painless?" Claire shot a glance at her master, and was rewarded by him putting a single hand on her face and non-chalantly shoving her onto the floor. She got up as if nothing had happened.
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