Kuja Tribal (kuja_reborn) wrote in humanity_scenes,
Kuja Tribal

Character: Kuja
Place: Junon
Reply: Anyone in the area
Rating: low

Kuja had finished his swim and had spent a couple of days crossing the continent. He was pleased to see that the dye in the clothing had not run. As he walked, he noted the lack of normal factors--hunger, exhaustion, cold--nothing seemed to surface. His emotions seemed intact, but the sensory input was dull and vague. While it was disconcerting, Kuja had to admit it was useful. When he had been alive he never could have made a swim like that.

Looming ahead on the horizon was a city, resting on the coastline. Kuja decided to stop there to gather some supplies, wondering if ether would have an adverse effect the way he was sure a potion would.

Entering the city, he was immediately aware of how much he stuck out; his clothing was clearly out of style here, and people were staring at him. Quelling his innate urge to cast something nasty on all of them, he wandered the streets, staying silent and avoiding anyone who approached him. While the people annoyed him, the city itself was intriguing. Kuja was amazed by the architecture and technology that was so different from Gaia. If he could figure out how it was done, the things he'd be able to do would be incredible.

Kuja tried to shake off that thought. You're dead. Not only are you dead and have nothing you had before, if you're not careful, you'll get sent back to the zombie-rat village. Now is not the time to be thinking about building a new airship!

Deciding he needed to sit down and think, he entered a small coffeeshop and sat down in the corner. He didn't have money to buy anything, but he wasn't hungry, and given he was the only person in the shop no one seemed in a hurry to throw him out.

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