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Place: Narshe Caves (FFVI)
Rating: R (Now that I have things to kill...Or as I'm killed by.)
Characters: Lani
Reply: Ultros, Celes, Shadow, etc.

Note: Again, let me know if I need to change this.

It was like stepping into a door through a room. The area was obviously indoors, likely some sort of cavern as the walls were rough and uneven sedimentary rock. The peculiar thing about it all were the straw mats and piles strewn about the room into what looked like many small and primitive beds. It didn't seem as if the people, or rather things, that lived here were in the area currently, that is, until a ridiculously high pitched war cry exclaiming something about fresh meat rang out above her.

"Holy shit!" Lani jumped, startled, and dodged to the side of the white projectile, turning around to see it smack into the wall with a painful crunching sound before it fell into the straw mats and disappeared. It seemed to still be moving, but just to make sure, she walked closer toward the pile that it had fallen, unsure of if she really needed to wake her axe up or not for the situation. The moment she leaned over the quiet heap and decided that it was down for good though, a burst of dry grasses erupted before her, baring what seemed to be millions of tiny sharp razor teeth.

She dodged to the side again of its straight course to her face, and easily snatched the thing by its little wings. An eyebrow raised as she realized it was just a mangy moogle. An oddly violent one at that, but still a moogle.

"Oh. Well you'd better be careful next time you give me that attitude because I really don't care for cute--THE HELL! The little bastard bit me!" Lani exclaimed, dropping the animal to nurse her wrist where the thing had taken a chunk of her skin. She didn't know how to react when the thing seemed to chew and swallow the piece of her. Without another thought, the axe cleaved the moogle in two, causing a rancid smell of decay to emanate from its open center. "Well that takes care of..."

With a reluctant look up, the bounty hunter realized that all around the ledges of the cave, more little red balls were wavering in anticipation. She instinctively stepped back when a moogle had somehow gotten to her feet and helped the one she had butchered revive again. And then they started laughing in distorted, twisted giggles.

"What the fuck, and I thought this was going to be easy!" Lani yelled as she dashed into and throughout the labyrinth with no idea as to where she was going. Being lost was fine, but being chased by a rabid pack of zombie moogles was definitely unnerving.
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