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The Undead Cleyran Horde

Place: Burmecia gates
Characters: Dan, Nina, Satrea and the group returning to Burmecia from the rift.
Rating: if a fight breaks out high, otherwise... not quite so high
Respond: anyone there

Dan shook his head as he stood at the gates of Burmecia where Kigaeno had warped him before leaving to see Sephiroth. This was absurd. Mission after mission, would it ever end? He had no choice, his family's very existence was at stake. He drew his spear and planted it firmly against the ground as he watched them approach.

"There are more than he said there would be." Nina observed, "Not so easy to deal when we're outnumbered."

"We're in Burmecia, we're already outnumbered." Dan knew it was pointless, "Satrea?"

"I got it. If you get in trouble I'll use the gate device to pull you back to Cleyra. Just don't forget nothing prevents them from following you." Satrea stepped away, hiding herself just beyond the gate in case she was needed.

Nina adjusted her dress and cloak as if she were readying for a business meeting, and Dan gritted his teeth watching the group led by Puck arriving. Time to present Kigaeno's message.
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Freya walked along silently, trying to organize the thoughts in her mind. So much had happened already today. She squinted at the gates as a soft rain began to fall, clinking metallically on her helmet. Was that...Dan? Either him or another soldier awaiting them to return. As they neared, Freya could see an odd tint to the Burmecian's skin. How did Dan get here before us? Does it have more to do with the portals? She bent down. "Stay close, Lord Puck. Somehow Dan has gotten here before us. Kigaeno must want to tell us something..." She whispered to the young king.
"Dan? Um... hey Frey, Dan's um.. " he looked closer and confirmed. It was Dan alright. If that wasn't eerie he didn't know what was. And who was that next to him? It was the potion girl from Cleyra. Wasn't she in the temple when it exploded? "Too weird for words here!" he allowed his chocobo to lag behind Freya and the others, nodding to the two warriors from the other world, "Get ready." It was habitually spoken as if an order, thought either way it was good advice. Puck didn't figure he had to tell Amarant to get ready: first he would probably be ramming his claw down Dan's throat before they even got to ask him what he was doing here, and second because giving him an order might result in unpleasantries for Puck.
Amarant saw they were close to Burmecia. Great. A welcoming party. Don't tell me Puck took that threat serious. But it wasn't that at all. It was Dan. Amarant had some unfinished business with him. The words "Get ready," had barely left Puck's mouth when Amarant speeded up his walk. Dan was not ready for what happened next.

Amarant grabbed him by the throat and raised him in the air. He put his finger on his chin.

"Now where have I seen you before?" Amarant hissed sarcastically, "Oh yes, I remember now! You said I would die and that you would kill me."

He pulled out one of his Claw's. "I think I'll kill you now."
"Amarant Coral!" Freya shouted, claw squeezing her spear but she kept it down. "Calm down and back down." Dan probably was only following orders... "Dan, are Learie, Jack, and Adam alive, as well? Are they well? I never had the chance to ask you that before." Maybe he was only following orders to keep his family alive...or undead alive...Otherwise, that isn't the Dan that I know...knew... "And why are you here? How did you get here before us?"
Auron tightly grasped the hilt of his sword as they approached Burmecia. The light rainfall only began within the city itself, and added a gloomy atmosphere to the place. He warily eyed the ones who were waiting for them. They were the same species as Puck and Freya, but looked somewhat different, especially in color. But something else unsettled Auron about them, and his expression became even more stern then normal as he saw them closer. The feeling he got from these new individuals was so familiar.

Amarant had already started attacking one of the Burmecians, and it appeared that they'd had dealings in the past. Perhaps it was just a personal conflict, but the former Guardian wasn't so sure that was the only reason for the hostility. What was wrong with these Burmecians here? He glanced to Freya, to Puck and then back to the others.

Of course. These were the undead ones that they had spoken of before. Death. That was what he'd recognized. The feeling of death was strong here: these were beings which had been brought back from beyond the grave, except they were very different from the Unsent that he would have expected to see. Auron remained silent, regarding Freya as she spoke and then turning his firm glare to Dan. The warrior tensed, preparing himself in case the conflict started to get out of hand.
The walk was much shorter than she expected, the atmosphere only darkening, eventually becoming spotted with flecks of thin, needle wisps of rain as the next city came into view. Perhaps it was the conversation of the problems at hand before, being away from 'home,' or it was just the grays and colors of the land here so far. Rained always seemed to bring with it a profound feeling of solemn and sadness. Here, the clouds which held them had no end in sight. All in all, this new world could only be summed up in one simple, well understood word: Depressing. Not that Paine minded, though.

The red haired man's first reaction to the crowd gathered in front of the gates that they approached raised a single fine tier over a dark garnet eye. Each slender digit claiming a piece of the course handle of her blade neither tightened or changed. If he knew enough of the situation and people to simply rush into things on his own like that, she didn't need to feel obligated to help in the slightest. The other woman's(?) order sufficed for expressing whatever irritation or surprise Paine herself may have felt inclined to express. Though hers would not have been so polite if she had even cared.

Watching the subtle reactions of her equally stoic familiar as he regarded the matter, Paine exhaled just sort of a sigh and reverted her attention to the others who she could only assume to be those that had been mentioned earlier. She waited for what would follow now, as well.
"Whoa dude! Stand down!" Puck knew his orders would be ignored but it was habitual, "He's one of mine! I don't care if he's dead or not he didn't do anything yet!" what an annoyingly squeaky voice he had when he was angry. Puck quickly came to terms with who he'd just said that to and flattened his ears, stepping behind Freya again.

Dan glared at Amarant and then glanced over to Freya, "I only want to speak then go back to see the family I protect until I am forced on another mission, but I cannot abide by your continued disposition. Do this again and I will attack immediately."

Behind him Nina took a step back and immediately went into a chant of some no doubt undelightful spell. Damnit, she had been hopeful that she might get to do business with them, she didn't particularly want to fight them. Then again maybe she could loot the bodies.

Still behind her, several guards were coming to attention and walking towards the group. It'd be hard to fight here without it being interfered with, especially if the guards recognized Dan.
Amarant paused. He wanted to gut this rat soooooooo badly for annoying him. However, he noticed that he was rapidly approaching "Search and Destroy" status with these friggen things. He decided to not kill Dan. For now.

He sheathed his Claw and dropped Dan.

"Consider yourself lucky. Not everyone who says 'You will die' to me lives." Amarant muttered to him. He turned around and stalked back to the group. He stood behind Freya and folded his hands, moving his gaze at each of his potential opponents.
"..." Freya shook her head. Gods, that man will never change. Sure, he looks out for his companions, but he's reckless. One of these days that's going to get him killed...It might have even happened back in Ipsen's castle if Zidane hadn't gone back for him...especially if he had run into a Tonberry... "It's okay, Nina..." Freya told the potion girl, not wanting whatever spell she was casting to fall upon them all. "What is the message, Dan?"
Auron stepped forward, still keeping his sword ready for an impending attack. This entire city was filled with these undead, it seemed. He wondered more about the one who had brought them all back... Remaining wary, Auron glanced at the Burmecian guards who had come toward them. He had no idea what kind of power they might have, but they did outnumber their small group. Also, that female was chanting a spell. Yet, it was evident that this growing tension had to be ended, in some way.

"Yes. That's enough wasting time. Speak," Auron stated gruffly.

If this "Dan" only desired to relay some kind of message, then he had better speak it now. If their group faced a battle, then so be it.
Dan took time to straighten his collar as he was released, "Stop casting Nina, we were told not to damage Burmecia." She didn't stop until he spoke to her, then looked up with a polite smile. Dan continued, "There are guards approaching Nina, go keep them distracted and no killing." Nina rolled her eyes and walked over towards the approaching guards and opened her bag along the way.

Dan turned to the others, releived he could speak without a loyal minion nearby, but was still 'compelled' to say exactly what Kigaeno had instructed him to say "Master Kigaeno has asked me to inform his Majesty Puck and Lady Freya that he has no intentions of aggressive behavior versus Burmecia. In fact he will even defend this city from the attacks of others if it comes down to that." he paused and sighed, "He has also stated that he can, as a personal favor to Miss Freya, return Fratley's memory to him. Since he not only resurrected us but also returned our memories, this is possible for him to do safely."
It was unclear to those present whether he was quoting what he was told or saying what he actually felt.

Puck poked his head out from behind Freya, "Frat's not a lab rat Sir Dan." he wondered to himself if he could get away with something, "Why ya followin him anyway? You're burmecian, not cleyran." he looked thoughtful for a moment, "Would ya like us to keep your family here Dan?"
As the spell was cut off, Paine watched the other female creature go from their gathering, moving her gaze back to the matter at hand when it was apparent that the were not intending to be hostile.

As the message had nothing to do with her, Paine listened, but she found no real new information or importance to the message other than Kigaeno's abilities; most of those already being known, anyway. What she found interesting was the messenger's seeming apathy and ambiguity for the weight message himself, even though his voice was the one that carried it. Everything seemed to be for and from this one puppeteer. It did make sense that they would follow and serve the one that had revived them, though. How convenient to have obedient minions with no choice but to obey. This, along with the one called Beatrix's situation, lead to a rather disturbing prospect for an undead potential across worlds. Was a state of living really so frivolous?

Dark eyes shifted slightly to Auron, remembering his own condition. Perhaps she could ask him about his own thoughts and opinion on the matter if they ever got a chance to, alone.
Freya listened to Kigaeno's message, wondering if Dan was just repeating what he was told or not. Return Fratley's memory? He was slowly gaining it back on his own, but for him to finally remember everything that they had been through, what they had endured together, to remember the times that they had spent together...she would love for him to remember...but Puck was right, Fratley was not a lab rat. Who knew what the procedure would do to him? It may return his memory, but the rest of him could end up like the Cleyrans...and then again they could not...who could tell?

"I would love for Sir Fratley to remember..." Freya began slowly, choosing her words wisely. "...But I do not think that the choice is up to me. We should allow Sir Fratley to make the choice." She nodded to emphasize the matter and flicked her gaze to the two humans. They were different from most other humans that she knew. They stayed silent, taking all of the information in. The one in the red coat did occasionally give orders out, but other than that, they just seemed content with silence.
Auron had stepped back, folding his arms, returning to observing the strange individuals gathered here. Indeed, it seemed that the matters that were being discussed did not involve either him or Paine directly. He looked then toward Paine, catching her glance and nodding. As with him, she didn't appear very concerned- it seemed that the possibility of hostile attack had ceased.

As much as Kigaeno's message didn't concern them, however, Auron found himself wondering about it. The warrior was suspicious of those words, wondering what Kigaeno's true motive was. He'd only seen the destructive results of that individual, nothing that made him trustworthy. There had to be a catch to it. Something that none of them realized... And he wondered also about the extent of Kigaeno's hold over this world. Did these undead minions have control of this entire world? It was hard to tell at this point. As soon as he could, he would have to learn more of this place.
A few feet away, Nina was busily distracting the guards and had even started pulling potions out and appeared to actually be making a sale. What a time to be thinking of commerce.

"Freya... and King Puck..." Dan sighed, "I am not able to bring my family here as of yet, but I am promised I will one day. I... I do not like everything Kigaeno does but I do know that I've never seen him harm one of his own kind or try to take control of a burmecian that was still alive, and he could. I swear I will return to your service when possible your majesty." he didn't seem to be 'quoting' as much now, but at this point his attention turned towards those behind Freya, and especially at Auron, "What world are you from? Kigaeno made us learn about them. One of the problems with his portals is that he doesn't appear to be able to close any between worlds once he opens them, so if it closes behind him he's still in the same world." to say something immediately harmful to Kigaeno would result in a great deal of discomfort for Dan, but nothing prevented him from saying things like this.
Amarant did not believe this Burmecian for a second. He swore this was pure, unadulterated bullshit from start to finish. HA! What a way for Kigaeno to get his way. Pick at the mind of Freya. The, Dan spewed more bullshit. Amarant did not trust him as far as he could punt him.

So, Amarant could not help it when he coughed, and it sounded suspiciously like the word, "BULLSHIT!".
Freya did not hear what Dan had addressed to Auron, her mind was ringing with what else he had said. I've never seen him harm one of his own kind or try to take control of a burmecian that was still of his own kind...that was still alive... Freya began wondering if Beatrix truely was safe back at Cleyra. Yes, Kigaeno had promised not to harm her, but he had not said to make sure that the maidens wouldn't harm her...and the other Cleyrans would probably be clamoring for her death, since she partly caused the destruction of Cleyra. What did Kigaeno think of humans, anyways? In Beatrix's case, he seemed full of hate...and he had not been pleased when Amarant had come in to save her. But that still didn't say what he thought of others, like the two who had appeared through the rift...she would have to remember to get their names later...

Her large ears, even though hidden by her helmet, picked up the faintest hint of what sounded like 'bullshit' in Amarant's cough. No, Dan is speaking from his heart, or at least this last part has been, from what I can tell. I don't know about the message that he delivered, though...was that bullshit...or not? Freya wondered, becoming so confused that it was hard to see straight. Some of the pieces were barely falling into place, and it seemed that it would take a bit more before more began making sense. Just like back before Necron's destruction. So many things fell into place as they went along. She only hoped that it would be just as easy to understand. Because the way things were turning out so far, it would take much contemplation to understand...
With the amount of acknowledgement that she had received prior to Freya's first glance before Dan's, Paine would have thought she were a ghost as well. Not that she would have minded. Noting Dan's interest in Auron, along with a simple surmise as to why, Paine left him to their brief explanation as she looked toward Freya, brow knitting briefly as she noticed the other woman's discontent. She moved slightly, going past Amarant as she had already decided to ignore him and the irritating actions that accompanied his demeanor.

It only took but a brief moment to overcome any uneasiness or discrimination against her, if at all. She was used to all sorts of different people, even if they only appeared different. In every other respect, the one called Freya was likely more reasonable and level-headed than the other two she was associated with.

She placed a black gloved hand over her shoulder so that her voice would not have startled her too much behind before removing it. "Are you all right?" Paine asked trying to sound as if it were merely out of courtesy, though a hint of actual concern was sown to her from a particular kind hearted sphere hunter.
Auron turned his attention to Dan. "We came from Spira, through a portal in a place called Zanarkand," he answered simply, seeing no need to elaborate much further: it was all anyone needed to know, and it was the truth.

He kept his gaze focused on Dan and the other undead nezumi, more interested than suspicious of them at the moment. They weren't as hostile as they had initially appeared, it seemed. Possibly. At least, it seemed that the citizens of this place, however strange, were not necessarily allied with Kigaeno out of choice. Auron noted what Dan said about the limits to Kigaeno's ability, it could be advantageous to know that someday. Even one as seemingly powerful as Kigaeno had weaknesses.

"What is Kigaeno's interest in the other worlds?" he added in his usual blunt tone, suddenly wondering. There was still no clear answer to why Kigaeno had killed those people in Zanarkand, nothing to explain why Kigaeno had need of an army of undead minions, unless he had intentions of invading. Auron wasn't sure if he could get a straight answer here, but at least it could start to explain some of what was happening.
"Zanarkand, yes, he came from there. I'm not really sure why he was there to begin with, he was obviously born in Cleyra, centuries ago. I read about him in the history books, maybe you should look there or in your own world for that matter. As for what he wants..." Dan slowed his speech as Nina approached, the guards having walked back to their posts.

Nina stood beside him, smiled, then looked over the others.

"Our Master Kigaeno will exterminate the human race that exterminated the cleyran culture." Nina seemed to have picked up on the end of the conversation well, "Exterminating them here isn't enough. They've been responsible for the extinction of multiple cultures. Once they're gone we can go back to being peaceful. Have you given the message Dan? What is the answer? Freya? Puck?"
Puck had been slightly out of it when he heard his name, running things through his head. He snapped back to attention and tried to go over what had been said, which he hadn't really been listening, "Right, ummm."

It would probably be unwise for him to refuse outright, and the last thing he wanted was their already stunted population to be the first target of Kigaeno, even though Dan claimed he would never do such regardless. He hated to be untrustworthy, but then again they hadn't been entirely trustworthy in return, so why shouldn't he be?

"Accepted with conditions." he sounded as if, for once, he was really thinking out what to say, "Fratley will decide himself if he wants that done to him, and Dan will stay here, with his family, as ambassadors to keep the communication between us open. Freya?" he looked to her, almost asking if he'd done well but more just seeing if she agreed or had anything to add.
Freya had also been listening, even if only half-way paying attention. So...that is Kigeano's game...Would he also ask for the aid of the Burmecian military for help in destroying these worlds? Or in resurrecting the Cleyrans, did he give them more offensive attacks? Did he even teach them how to attack? "I'm fine..." She murmured in reply to Paine's question.

Then she looked to Puck, nodding. He'd done well enough on his own, so maybe he was growing out of needing herself and Fratley around as advisors. All he had to do was grow a bit more and learn a few more fighting skills from Fratley, and he'd be ready to rule Burmecia fully on his own. She could not think of anything to add to the conditions, but she did hope that Kigaeno would accept them.
"Hardly a peaceful solution," Auron remarked, feeling his edge returning again. It was more or less the type of answer he expected, but certainly he hadn't counted on any of these individuals being so direct about it. While the warrior's expression was as stoic as ever, he was beginning to be troubled by the situation even more. Had he been returned for the purpose of defending their world from this threat? Did Kigaeno's uprising signify the end of the Calm? Such a powerful threat would return Spira to a terror similar to that caused by Sin... Inconceivable. He would not let that happen.

At least now one of his questions was answered: Kigaeno was indeed the one he'd heard about during his training as a Guardian. Yes, Kigaeno had a history in Spira, and from what Auron recalled, it gave him the same identity that he had now: a fiend, focused on death and destruction.

In his strong, yet even tone, Auron added, "He will be opposed."
Dan spoke to Puck with no small amount of respect, knowing he was trying to help, "I'll have to take that to Kigaeno himself but I think he can be ok with ..."

"If Kigaeno comes here to help Fratley or for any other reason and any one of your men attempt to detain him, Lord Puck, the deal will be off." Nina had a way of cutting Dan off.

Puck calmly nodded towards Amarant, Auron, and Paine, "I have no real control over these; they're not mine..."

Nina was about to respond when Auron's words caught her attention. She glared over at him, "I fear humans will find us much more difficult to slaughter when we are willing to fight back. We..."

"... should go." Dan cut her off for once, "One or both of us will return with Kigaeno's answer. You..." he turned to Auron, "have problems in your own world to deal with. I wouldn't suspect that it will take him long to finish preparations there. Please do not attempt to follow us, for your own safty."

With this a portal opened behind them on the ground, and Nina stepped through it. Dan gave a wishful look over the city and then stepped through as well. On the other side could be seen the temple in Cleyra itself, with Kildea and Claire standing in front of it.
Soooooooooooo, he knew it. Amarant's bad feelings about that stupid rat proved true after all. Kigaeno meaned to exterminate each and every human. Just not on Gaia. All these other worlds too. All these potential clients...dead? Amarant didn't think so. He was about to say so when Auron spoke up. Good, they were on the same side.

Then, they were about to leave. Amarant could not (and did not want to) keep his mouth shut anymore.

"Hey rat-bitch! Tell Kiggy that he has his work cut out for him because I ain't lettin' that happen." Amarant shouted out, "Show him this, too."

Amarant proceeded to flip off Nina. He then gave Dan a glare that clearly said, "I ain't forgettin' you anytime soon."

Just bring it, Kigasso.
note: this happened before they stepped through.
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